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For more information and to schedule a presentation, contact Elizabeth Usovicz, Principal, Whitespace Consulting.  Topics can be tailored upon request.


Finding the Whitespace between Sales and Marketing

In large companies, they’re between silos.  In growing companies, they’re between mindsets.  Every company has them – the gaps between sales and marketing that leave untapped revenue opportunities on the table.  This presentation discusses the business conditions that can create these gaps, identifies the flags that indicate “whitespace,” and suggests points of departure for turning whitespace into revenue opportunities.

Beyond SWOT:  Operationalizing a Top Line Revenue Strategy

If your company or businesses has a current, written strategy for growing top line revenue, congratulations – fewer than half of all businesses do.  Chances are your detailed SWOT analysis and carefully crafted strategy are in a folder collecting dust.  Revenue growth strategies sometimes get shelved and ignored, in part because many businesses stop short of figuring out how to implement them on a daily, operational basis.  Beyond SWOT covers a 4-step approach to operationalizing a top-line revenue strategy and ensuring that your plan becomes what it is intended to be: a competitive advantage and a blueprint for your business success.


Six Degrees of Connection: Creating Relationships by Creating Connections


The ability to establish connections with others and build qualitative business relationships is no longer a professional luxury or the sole realm of sales professionals – increasingly, it is a strategic necessity. Relationship development based on integrity and trust is the key to effective customer or client acquisition and retention – whether that realtionship is formed onlne, in person or over the phone. This presentation discusses discuss six ways to establish connections with clients, prospects and associates to create revenue-enhancing, professional relationships.  Six Degrees of Connection presents a simple and non-intrusive approach to:

  • Increasing the value of your contacts
  • Expanding your circle of contacts
  • Developing new contacts

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