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Selected Clients


WhiteSpace Consulting serves a broad spectrum of clients.



Reflecting broad and deep expertise, Whitespace Consulting is built on Elizabeth’s assessment of more than 300 company strategies for business model viability, scalability, market opportunity and business development strategy and execution. 


  • Business strategy development

  • Revenue opportunity assessment and new revenue development strategy

  • Development and scaling of sales strategy

  • Integrated marketing/sales strategy and execution

  • Market opportunity validation, develooppment and expansion

  • Sales and marketing alignment and automation


Client Portfolio includes:


  • An automated compliance provider serving Fortune 1000 companies and insurance brokers

  • A provider of media solutions for creating, managing and tracking online sales and marketing campaigns

  • Biotech start-ups focusing on new treatments in human and animal health

  • A global provider of overnight printing and delivery services

  • A provider of auditing and tracking systems for merchant accounts and non-cash payment solutions

  • A company specializing in mobile commerce advertising and information solutions

  • A leading producer of cereals and convenience foods

  • A provider of onlines software applications to private equity firms, angel investment organizations and corporate mergers and acquisitions

  • A global manufacturer of food ingredients and pharmaceuticals